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Reducing the need for expensive wristbands and/or torches, CrowdCanvas™ is an eco-friendly technology allowing for an immersive lightshow experience incorporating mobile phone devices.

From expansive stadiums hosting more than 50,000 people, to a more intimate indoor setting, CrowdCanvas™ will create a memorable experience, bringing the entertainment experience to the next level. 

Audiences are tech savvy and expect new real-time interactive experiences. CrowdCanvas™ engages audiences, one-to-one, to enable prize giveaways including backstage passes. Lightshows can be aligned to both live and pre-recorded music. CrowdCanvas™ allows performers or promoters to take control and seamlessly turn on Torches, Video, Audio as part of the show to actively engage the audience in a one-to-one relationship.

"CROWD CANVAS™ is the SEISMIC SHIFT from traditional PASSIVE audience entertainment"
- Shane Jacobson, Co-Founder

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