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About CrowdCanvas™

CrowdCanvas™ has developed the first real-time Customer Engagement platform for the Entertainment, or any Event-based Industry. Our Mobile Phone Platform enables audiences to not only be 'more active' users, but become 'fully immersed participants' at any Event or in any Performance. Audiences have been craving to engage more with their favorite band or sporting team during the performance. The CrowdCanvas™ team has created the ultimate in consumer engagement taking audiences interaction to a whole new level. 

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Our Clients



Sporting Leagues and Teams

Event and Venue Managers


Ticketing Services

How does it work?


For Fans – One simple QR Code scan, Download the APP, Open and your ready to go!

For Partners – An easy to use “Self-Serve” platform to manage and control shows that are timed to the millisecond with music or Take Control in real-time to push out any specific Effects (colors, fades, sparkles) to a captive audience.


CrowdCanvas™ is dedicated to delivering a simple to use, eco-friendly and fully integrated technology on a proven platform for full audience engagement.


We utilise each phone as a pixel to create large visual canvases—painting with sound and light, time and time again. Our solution uses our proprietary tracking technology to accurately pinpoint individual phones and offer unique real-time commands and interactivity with added engaging rewards or offers to consumers.

For the First Time - Performers can take control to create an enhanced technicolor orchestra of sound and light to fulfil the CrowdCanvas™ promise –

Taking the Mexican Crowd Wave to the next level.

  • Fully integrated

  • Uses existing phones

  • Free to audiences

  • No special code required

  • Built into ticket prices

Our Story


Iconic Australian film, television and production brothers, Shane and Clay Jacobson, working with major performers and Events management teams, saw the potential and developed the genius idea to change the landscape of Live Concerts and Major Sporting Events forever.  Future audiences are now enabled to “come to life” and be fully engaged as part of any live event while still being under the control of the Performers and Event Management.

The CrowdCanvas™ team has been carefully built with a unique blend of successful Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts. A team with the experience to not only navigate the successful go-to-market launch but to also scale the company quickly through the expected large growth opportunity. Clay Jacobson, founder, is the Executive Producer/Director and maker of all things creative in the movie industry while Shane, co-founder is a world-renowned actor and performer. Both are highly trusted and recognized in the market we are addressing. Their personal connections and leverage across the Entertainment World has opened a tremendous opportunity for CrowdCanvas™, to not only prove and scale the technology but to also 'own' the market.

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